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About Me-

I am Chengcheng, an Interior and Architectural designer. I graduated from Parsons with a MFA in Interior Design and a B.Arch. from Hunan University in China. 

My love for the world is reflected in my designs, which always aim to capture the essence of each environment. With a sharp eye for detail and a deep appreciation for function and aesthetics,  whether you are looking to create a new home or transform an existing space, you can count on me to deliver results that you will fall in love with.


Welcome to my website! This platform serves as my personal stage, where I document my performances in the past, present, and future. It also acts as a journal, chronicling my work and passions. Through these pages, I am not only reminded of what I have achieved and love doing but also of who I am and aspire to become. These webpages are not static; they will evolve and grow over time, just as I do on my journey.

Thank you for looking and for your interests.

Recent Experiences-

2018 / Christian Lahoude Studio / New York City

2019 / Aurelie Paradiso Design / New York City

2021-2022 / Chiara de Rege Interiors / New York City

2022-2023 / Aurelie Paradiso Design / New York City

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